12 January 2014

The Power of books

and other stuff you can read like blogs!

I just wanted to recommend a blog with always and again interesting articles about art,
illustration and the like:

Pikaland by a woman who has got good ideas about life, illustration, artists...
Even if most of the illustrations are not quite my taste her writing is very much.
She is definitely motivating for a sloth like me.

I think it was on her blog where I found the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield,
a great kick in the ass if you are a great procrastinator.
I read it some time ago and am doing so much more than I did before. My plans for 2014 are rather
grandiose considering the full time job I have.

That`s all for now. I want to draw a bit this Sunday afternoon.

20 October 2013

Frankfurt Book Fair

I think I took to few photos in Frankfurt, where I visited the giant book fair with a friend (to be seen later). We wanted to check out, books, illustrators and
These are just some small glimpses. I saw so many fantastic and interesting books and met nice people, had quite good coffee... we even where in the international part of the fair and it was different and even more interesting.
So now the peeks. I really don`t know the names of all those fantastic artistic people, sorry but here they are!

Two pics from the great sketch battle between team glasses and team without glasses

02 September 2013

Another visit to the Strychnin gallery

I took the chance of my Berlin visit to go to the Strychnin gallery. They have often changing exhibitions and much of it is quite my taste. 10th year anniversary show.
I took pics of some I quite liked.
Most of the info about artists can be acquired here: Presale

I liked this one. It is by Naomi Nowak. I followed her for quite some years now and own several originals.

"Sleeping beauty" enchanted doll by Marina Bychkova.  One of the reasons to go there, unreachable but photographable!

10 May 2013

One week with Selda Soganci...

... and Winsor McCay and Poul!

Yes really!

I had illustration course from Tuesday evening till Sunday afternoon and I worked on my pictures for
a picture book. Nothing that will be published but I love most of the pictures already :D
One pic in every color of the rainbow. Now for some photographs of the experience.

I had a room in a flat of a friend of Selda and for getting me into the mood, she put
a  sculpture she once got from Selda on my desk.

Story time! Everyone could try and find the right story to illustrate in
this nicely wrapped ones. I did not need one, I still have none. Just pics.

Right in the works.

Selda having a look at Shaun Tan`s`Bird Kind that I brought.

My workplace :) Glimpses of my illustrations. Droning in pencils.
We have Faber Castell Polychromos, Prismaolor Premieres, and Derwent Inktense mainly.

27 April 2013

The Gruffalo - an exhibition

Finally, the weather became sunnier, the days longer, I travelled a bit and went to the Gruffalo exhibition in Hannover. Seeing some original work for a lot of his books was great! I took a lot of photos and show you some impressions here.
With every pic collection went the book they belonged to and screaming kids where grabbing the books, running around and collecting them. I did not like! 

Some more original where to be found of Nick Knatterton and many other artists in the rest of the exhibition. Original sketches, landscapes by Wilhelm Busch (well, it was the Wilhelm Busch museum), and I loved all of them! I had an eye on the techniques used, the mastery of brush, pen, pencil, ink and learned that watercolor, gouache and ink are mostly the media of choice for a lot of illustrators.
I know there are others.

So have a look at some of my favourites. There were fantastic letters as well and sketchbooks you could only see one, two pages of :(
And I got to know of an Windsor McCay exhibition that I can maybe visit soon!
Now for some
GRUFFALO! by Axel Scheffler